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Aug 31 Warm Up / Qualifier Race

Run @ the Calgary Stampede's Nutrien Center for only $55!?


KLG Barrel Racing is adding a Community Cans Qualifier/ warm up race!!

August 31st, 2018 – 6pm


Only $55 Entry

Optional $45 Sidepot  

***Note: this race is not eligible for series points.

Prices as subject to an additional 5%  GST.

Open class only, but all ages welcome!

Only 120 spots available – sold first come first serve – BUT! Though entries will be open to everyone, priority will be given to: First - NON-qualified individuals looking to become qualified & entered into the Sept 1st & 2nd races. Second – Any individuals entered into the Sept 1st , 2nd , or Slot races. Then the general public!

** By pre-entry only - a wait-list will be created.

***This race will be 100% non-refundable – however YOU may sell your spot, at cost, and inform us of name change up till August 30th, 2018 at 12pm.

QUALIFIER SIDE POT  – Anyone can enter a sidepot, whether you wish to qualify for finale event or not!

To enter a side pot you must run within the open jackpot itself. By entering into a side pot, you will be entering a KLG Barrel Racing Community Cans Qualifier event. Therefore you will be eligible for a discounted entry for the finale race in September at the Calgary Stampede indoor arena. This race is NOT eligible for points, but your one run’s time will be forwarded into calculations for additional payouts. In simpler terms, it is a forced rolled time into a theoretical second jackpot - making the race a double header event, but with only one run.

IMPORTANT! You must participate in ONE qualifier sidepot to “qualify” for Calgary’s finale event on September 2018. You CAN run in Calgary without qualifying – however your entry fee will be higher per day & you will only be running for day money and not prizes. 

NOTE: Most prizes at our finale event are determined by the runs during the Calgary event itself (using the fastest time of two runs) - however to qualify to run for these prizes, you must participate within a minimum of one qualifier sidepot.

BUY BACKS – If you knock a barrel or have a no-time (clean times do NOT qualify), you my retake your run for a “buy back” fee. HOWEVER, it is important to note that this re-run time will only count within the side pot and the time will NOT apply within the original race. 100% of “buy-back” money will go directly into the side pot payouts.


What are the benefits of entering a sidepot?
1) Chance to win more payouts!
    (even if you don’t win in the open race!)
2) Get discounted CS entry fee for our finale event!
3) Be eligible to run for prizes at our CS finale event!

What if I don’t enter one?
You will NOT receive a discount for CS finale event & can only run for day money NOT eligible for prizes.

Can I run for just the added money @ the CS finale event if I don't enter a qualifier?
YES!  You may enter and run for day money at the CS event - it is only the prizes you will not be eligible for.

What if I can't make a qualifier event - is there a way I can still run for prizes at the CS finale?
YES! Sponsors automatically qualify! Meaning, donate a minimum of $75 cash to added monies OR 150 worth of product - and be considered qualified!