KLG Barrel Racing

                                                 Run your way.
Community connected; Community Directed

Barrel Racing - On demand

Are you looking for a race in your local arena? We will come and host it for you – plan & execute the event from A through Z – all you need to do is 1, 2, 3!

  • 1. Ensure your chosen arena has proven/preferable ground
  • 2. Have a month in mind with folks in your area interested in KLG coming to host a race
  • 3. Find added money to give-a-way at the race (Minimum $500, $1000 preferred!)

Below is the outline of the race – No Bull Barrels; back to basics!

The B2B (Back to Basics);

No Bull Barrels & Pole Bending

No bull - just barrels

No fanciness - just fun

No prizes - just payouts

No sponsors - just sharing
No stress - just satisfaction 
No pressures – just patience

* Open - $35
* Youth - $25
* Peewee - $15 - guaranteed payout!

Pole Bending – all ages – $25

FREE exhibition run for knocked barrel or NT
FREE barrel work to volunteers

FREE community announcements & raffle sales
Time onlies $5 per minute - pre-booking available

Exhibition runs $5

Barrel work $10

NO memberships & qualifications needed

Pre-entries & time only bookings will be available

Anyone interested in sharing their products or services with their fellow barrel racers are welcome to show up and set up! No sponsorship agreements or negotiations – No sponsors – just sharing  (Arena permitting)

* Entry fees are based on average arena & event expenses – these fees may increase OR decrease based on the individual event - we can/will customize to suit the needs of the local contestants.